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About Us

Sigma Co. Ltd. with its over 8 decades long history is a unique debt collection company in our country.

In Hungary Sigma Co. Ltd. was the first to deal with domestic and international debt collection and with genealogical searches and heir location in foreign estate matters. In the field of debt collection and heir location Sigma Co. Ltd. is one of the market leader companies in Hungary.

The three main fields of activity of our company are: debt collection in Hungary, international debt collection and genealogical searches with location of heirs in estate matters abroad.

Sigma Co. Ltd. provides services to its Hungarian and foreign Clients in the out-of-court collection of overdue B2B and B2C claims. We also collect the claims of the Hungarian and foreign hospitals.
We provide first-class quality services. Keeping in view the interests of our Clients our basic principle is respecting the Debtors and supporting good business relation between our Clients and their Debtors.

Sigma Co. Ltd. deals with genealogical searches, heir location and validation of the right of inheritance of Hungarian heirs in estate matters in which the Deceased died intestate abroad without known heirs and left an estate abroad. We also deal with the location of estates abroad.